Rules prior to submission

  1. You submit images or videos in a digital format through our website.
  2. You register with your work, or institutional E-mail address whenever possible.
  3. Submissions should be accompanied by a description summarizing the content, include a title and the participant name(s) and affiliation(s).
  4. Submissions will be submitted with the highest possible resolution (≥ 300 dpi preferred).
  5. When submitting images, videos or any other media, the participant(s) must ensure there is no violation of third party rights.
  6. The participant (s) shall indemnify the KNAW against claims from third parties. In addition, in case (an alleged) infringement on third parties rights is made, (i) participants forfeit their right to an award or (ii) the organizer is entitled to reclaim an award which has already been given.
  7. Submissions have to be original works and may not have been published elsewhere prior to submission.
  8. It is the responsibility of the participant to ensure that permissions are obtained to use other people’s data and content and correct attributions are made where necessary.
  9. The organizers retain the right to make a pre-selection of all accepted submissions.
  10. In case of multiple authors, please specify your full names and affiliation(s) in the text accompanying your submission.
  11. The organizers retain the right to use submissions digitally, in print or in exhibits, or reproduce submitted material in any other way.
  12. Submissions will be judged for aesthetic value, artistic and/or scientific value, originality and where applicable reproduction quality.

Please register and log in to upload your files through this site. For the file submissions please add your first_name, last_name (and affiliation if employed at a university). If you encounter issues submitting your files through our website, please send them via to

Note that you can upload multiple files sequentially by selecting them and hitting the upload button.


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