Our 2014 speakers were: Monika Auch, Peter Meijer, and Rodrigo Quian Quiroga.

A copy of the 2014 seminar program can be downloaded here

A pdf of the 2014 submissions and descriptions can be found here.

Competition 2014

Winner Category Image

Gabriele Deidda, "The Complexity of the Brain", Italian Institute of Technology, Genoa, Italy

Winner Category Video

Christoph Leuze, Alfred Anwander & colleagues, "Fire & Wire", Max Planck Institute for Human Cognitive and Brain Sciences, Leipzig, Germany

If the video doesn't play you can watch a shorter 'best of' version here

Honourable Mentions

  • Alex Gomez-Marin, "Decision Timescapes", Champalimaud Center for the Unknown, Portugal.
  • Michele Colombo, "The Nature of the Cortex", Netherlands Institute for Neuroscience, Amsterdam
  • Gabriel Girard, "Integrated Circuit 360". University of Sherbrooke, Quebec, Canada.
  • Josta Kevenaar & Marleen van Coevorden, "A Day in the Life of a Motor Protein", Utrecht University, Utrecht, the Netherlands.

    • Alex Gomez-Marin, Decision Timescapes. Champalimaud, Centre for the Unknown, Portugal.
    • Gabriel Girard, Integrated Circuit 360. University of Sherbrooke, Quebec, Canada.
    • Michele Colombo, The nature of the cortex.
    • Josta Kevenaar & Marleen van Coevorden, A Day in the Life of a Motor Protein, Utrecht University, the Netherlands.

    Other submissions

    This is a selection of the other submissions. A compilation of all submissions can be found here.
    Click images to enlarge, or play the movies.

    • Art of the Zebrafish Brain - Micha Ahrens, Janelia Farm Research Campus, USA

    • Deep Space Memory - Tara Arbab, University of Amsterdam, The Netherlands

    • Painting the source of memory - Gabriele Deidda, Italian Institute of Technology

    • The Trumpeting Brain (Video) - Alexander Leemans, UMC Utrecht
    • Integrated Circuit - Gabriel Girard, University of Sherbrookes, Canada

    • Man in thought - Mieke de Jager, VUmc
    • The First Try - Alessandro De Leucio, University of Siena
    • Charge Carrier - Gabriel Girard, University of Sherbrooke
    • Spiraling through Sleep - Richard Gardner, University of Bristol
    • New Horizons - Carlyn Martina Mamber, Netherlands Institute for Neuroscience
    • Complementary contemplations (Video) - Michael Cohen, University of Amsterdam
    • Monsters in the lab - Prisca Leferink, VUmc
    • The wires of perception - Alexandre Moreau, UCL
    • Portraits of the Natural Brain - Cynthia Peng, NIH
    • Brain Forest - Laura Perlini, Italian Institute of Technology
    • Tiny astrocyte processes - Adriana Petriz, National Autonomous University of Mexico
    • Neuronal Storm - Aura Rengifo et al., Instituto Nacional de Salud
    • I (heart) Neuroscience - Lars Bjoern Riecken, Fritz Lipmann Institute
    • Shooting stars enlighten intrathalamic plasticity - Andrea Sieber, University of Bern
    • The Anthropic Principle Technique - Zhivko von Stoev
    • Hippocampus on Fire - Joanna Szczurkowska, Italian Institute of Technology
    • Motor Assembly - Xiao Wei (Wendy) Gu, University of Cambridge
    • Inside Marilyn’s Mind - Nicolas Gutierrez-Castellanos & Daniela Camillo, Netherlands Institute for Neuroscience

    ZonMW was our lead sponsor of the Art of Neuroscience 2014 event. We also would like to thank our other sponsors for their significant contributions: the Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences (KNAW), Eye Film Institute, Springer Neuroscience, LaVision BioTec, The Netherlands Institute for Neuroscience, and Brein in Beeld.