Our 2013 speakers were: Semir Zeki, Dick Swaab, Patricia Pisters and Moon Brouwer.

You can download a summary of the 2013 seminar here

Download a pdf of the 2013 submissions and descriptions here.


Winner Category Image

Annelene Dahl, "Space and Memory", Norwegian University of Science and Technology, Trondheim, Norway

Winner Category Video

Sjoerd Vos, "The Intergalactic Brain", University Medical Center Utrecht

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Honourable Mentions

  • Jean-Remi King, "A Connected Mind" (runner up). INSERM-CEA, Cognitive Neuroimaging Unit, Paris.
  • Erik Ziegler, "Kids learning neuroanatomy". University of Liège.
  • Miriam van Strien, "Human Brain Development: Piece by Piece". Netherlands Institute for Neuroscience, Amsterdam.
  • Myrrhe van Spronsen, "Neuronal Dynamics", Univeristy of Utrecht.

    • Jean-Remi King, A Connected Mind. INSERM-CEA Cognitive Neuroimaging Unit, Paris. Disclaimer: This figure is part of a study that has been submitted to Current Biology.
    • Erik Ziegler, Kids learning neuroanatomy, University of Liège, Belgium.
    • Miriam van Strien, Human Brain Development: Piece by Piece, Netherlands Institute for Neuroscience, Amsterdam.
    • Myrrhe van Spronsen, Neuronal Dynamics, Utrecht University, the Netherlands.

    Other submissions

    Click images to enlarge, or play the movies.

    • The Beauty of Artifacts - Stefan Hoyng, Netherlands Institute for Neuroscience, Amsterdam.

    • The Functional Connectome - Joachim Böttger and Daniel Margulies,MPI Leipzig, Human Cognitive and Brain Sciences.

    • The Tree of Thoughts - Hemanth Mohan, VU University, Amsterdam.

    • Local and global brain fiber orientations - Sjoerd Vos, University Medical Center Utrecht.

    • Bundles and Glyphs of the Functional Connectome - Joachim Böttger and Daniel Margulies,  MPI Leipzig,Human Cognitive and  Brain Sciences

    • Flower bed - Lennard Boon, Netherlands Institute for Neuroscience, Amsterdam 
    • Cortical Brainbow - Christiaan de Kock, VU University, Amsterdam
    • A needle in a haystack (movie) - Max Keuken, Amsterdam Medical Center
    • Connecting the Dots - Yael Reijmer & Alexander Leermans, University Medical Center Utrecht
    • Sense and Send - Christiaan de Kock, VU University, Amsterdam
    • The love gene - Veerle Eggens, Amsterdam Medical Center
    • Flow at the Base of Regeneration - Alexandra Magold, EPFL, Lausanne
    • Microglia: friend or foe? - Michel Meijer, University of Groningen 
    • Boiling Landscape of Human Cortical Electrical Activity (movie) - Mike Cohen, University of Amsterdam
    • Warhol Neurons - A. Battefeld, Netherlands Institute for Neuroscience
    • Semi-automated detection of cortical microinfarcts - Hugo Kuijf, University Medical Center Utrecht
    • Subdivisions of the ventrolateral prefrontal and parietal functional pathways - Joachim Böttger and Daniel Margulies, MPI Leipzig, Human Cognitive and Brain Sciences
    • Dorsal Root Ganglion (1) - Bart Nieuwenhuis, Cambridge University
    • Dorsal Root Ganglion (2) - Bart Nieuwenhuis, Cambridge University
    • The Obese Brain - Elsemarieke van de Giessen, Amsterdam Medical Center
    • Brain Flares - Rui Lavrador, University of Coimbra, Portugal 
    • Orange Green Blue - Carlos Santos, University of Coimbra, Portugal
    • Exquisite cerebellar circuit - Claire  Monroy,  Donders  Institute  for  Brain,  Cognition  and  Behavior, Nijmegen
    • Highway to the Cortex - Kristel Kleijer, Rudolf Magnus Institute, Utrecht
    • Electric Symmetry - Ewoud Schmidt,  Rudolf Magnus institute, Utrecht
    • Starry Night (movie) - Gio Piantoni,  w/ German Gomez­ Herrero, Netherlands Institute for  Neuroscience, Amsterdam
    • Visualizing Crossing Fiber (movie) - Sjoerd Vos, University Medical Center Utrecht

    SNS Reaalfonds was our lead sponsor of the Art of Neuroscience 2013 event. We also would like to thank our other sponsors for their significant contributions: the Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences (KNAW), Eye Film Institute, Springer Neuroscience, LaVision BioTec, The Netherlands Institute for Neuroscience, Olympus Nederland and Brein in Beeld.